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new and used surgical operating room equipment


Pulse Biomedical Service

Pulse Biomedical Service is the go to source for Biomedical Equipment service and repair here in Fresno and the greater Central Valley. Concentrating our efforts right here in the community allows us to offer speedy response times and unmatched quality making for an exceptional value to your team. If that sounds like a good fit please keep reading or schedule a consultation,

for your medical equipment needs!


Service we offer

preventative maintenance
PM Maintenance
PM Maintenance

Scheduled or À la carte

medical equipment repair
Repair Maintenance
Repair Maintenance

ASAP around your needs

our biomedical service save you money
Equipment Sales
Equipment Sales

New, Refurbished or New to you

free quotes and consultations

Got Questions about biomed? Give us a call its FREE!! (Onsite charges may vary)

Keep your facility downtime at a minimum with our fast and flexible options for Equipment repairs and PMs

  • Eliminate costly OEM repairs and downtime.

  • We provide preventative maintenance, repair and warranty service.

  • Our pricing is well below OEM charges with service that meets or exceeds standards.

  • Your service and repair records available online, anytime, meeting accreditation guidelines

  • We provide the best medical equipment repair, service and sales in Fresno, CA and the Central Valley!

  • With our expertise we offer Hospital Biomedical Services and Surgery Center Biomedical Services.

  • Ask us about our X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Sterilizer repair services and preventative maintenance service.

  • We specialize in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

Ultrasound device in an X-ray laboratory.jpg
bmet office audits

Inventory and Audit

We provide biomedical equipment inventory and audit services to healthcare facilities, ensuring accurate documentation of their medical devices. Our approach involves thorough audits to verify functionality, maintenance history, and regulatory compliance, empowering clients with comprehensive asset management.

Upgrade your medical equipment with us today

Equipment Upgrades

We facilitate seamless equipment upgrades for healthcare facilities by managing the entire process, from retiring old equipment to integrating new devices. Our comprehensive approach includes logistical planning, safe removal of outdated equipment, and precise installation of upgraded technology, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and optimal functionality of the new equipment.

We offer recall, retrofitting and upgrading solutions

Recall, Retrofits, and Upgrades

biomedical equipment and facility inspection

Regulatory Compliance Inspections

We specialize in managing recall retrofits and upgrades for biomedical equipment, ensuring swift and efficient implementation while prioritizing patient safety. Our team coordinates the retrieval, replacement, or modification of affected devices in compliance with regulatory standards, minimizing downtime and mitigating potential risks. With meticulous attention to detail and expertise in recall management, we prioritize the seamless integration of upgraded equipment to enhance overall operational efficiency.

We proactively prepare our customers for regulatory compliance inspections in the biomedical industry by conducting comprehensive assessments and providing tailored guidance. Our team assists in ensuring adherence to stringent standards, documentation requirements, and quality management protocols. Through thorough training, audits, and continuous support, we empower our clients to confidently navigate inspections, maintaining compliance and upholding the highest standards of safety and quality in their operations.

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