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Pulse Biomedical Service

Streamline Your Practice with Expert Sterilizer and Autoclave Operation Training

Welcome to Pulse Biomedical Services Operation Training Services

At Pulse Biomedical Service, we understand the critical importance of smooth and efficient operation of medical equipment in your practice. That's why we're proud to offer specialized operation training for sterilizers and autoclaves, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for optimal performance.

Expert Training for Sterilizers and Autoclaves

Our comprehensive training program covers all aspects of sterilizer and autoclave operation, from setup and maintenance to proper usage and troubleshooting. With our experienced instructors, your staff will gain confidence in handling these essential devices, leading to improved safety, efficiency, and overall practice effectiveness.

Explore Our Range of Operation Training

But our expertise doesn't stop there. At Pulse Biomedical Services, we provide operation training for a variety of medical equipment beyond sterilizers and autoclaves. From patient monitors and ultrasound machines to x-ray devices and more, our customizable training programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Save Time and Reduce Complexity

By partnering with us for operation training, you'll not only ensure the competency of your staff but also save valuable time and resources. Let us take the burden of equipment operation training off your hands, allowing your employees to focus on their core responsibilities without the complications that often accompany training tasks.

Get in Touch

Ready to streamline your practice operations with expert operation training? Contact us today to learn more about our sterilizer and autoclave training programs and discover the other machines we offer operation training on. With [Your Company Name], your practice will operate at its best.

What we work on

    ​Anesthesia Machines and Vaporizers (GE Datex Ohmeda, Drager, Mindray, Penlon)

    Sterilizers (Steris, Getinge, Primus, Belimed, Consolidated)

    Steam Generator Boilers (Steris, Getinge, Electro-Steam, Reimers, Spirax Sarco)

    Washers (Steris, Getinge, Belimed, Miele, Spire SCIENTEK, MEIKO, Steelco, MMM )

    Scope Washers (Steris, Medivator, Olympus)

    Autoclaves (Midmark, Tuttenhaur, Pelton Crane)

    Sterilizer Low Temp (ASP Sterrad, Steris V-Pro,Getinge)

    Surgical Lights and Booms (Skytron, Steris, Burton, Medical Illumination, Synergy)

    Surgical Tables ( Skytron, Steris, FHC, OSI Mizuho, Hill-Rom)

    Tourniquet Systems

    Audiometers (Grayson Stadler, Maico, AMBCO)

    Audiometric Booths


    Opthalmoscopes, Otto Scopes, Sphygmanometers

    Defibrillators and AED (Zoll, Philips, Cardiac Science)

    Patient Monitors Multiparameter

    Patient Monitors Gas Anesthesia


    Muscle Stimulators ((Mettler, Chattanooga, DJO)

    Physical Therapy ( Baths, Whirlpool, Treadmill, Stim, US, Hydrocollator)

    Centrifuges (Table top and refrigerated)

    Refrigerator and Freezer, (Medical and Vaccine, Blood Bank)

    Tissue Freezer

    Scales (Mechanical, Digital Wheelchair)

    Patient Beds

    Stretchers and Gurneys

    Surgical Chairs and Stretchers

    Stress Systems (EKG and Treadmill - Quinton, GE, Marquette, Cardiac Science)

    Warming Cabinets (Steris, MAC Medical, Blickman, Pedigo)

    Aspirator Suction Vacuum

    Medical Vacuum ( AirTech, Bush, Ohio Medical)

    Medical Compressors

    Analyzer Chemistry

    Electrosurgical ESU Coagulator

    Cryostat and Microtome

    Heat Block, Incubator




    Hood, Fume

    Microscopes (Lab and Surgical - Olympus Zeiss)

    Alaris BD Infusion Systems

    Pump Sequential DVT

    Pump, Food

    Pump, Infusion ( BBraun, BD, Baxter)

    Pump, Syringe ( BBraun, BD, Baxter)

    Pump, PCA ( BBraun, BD, Baxter)

    Scrub Sinks


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